We provide logistic supporting services to oil and gas companies who participate in the offshore operation for the oil majors. They supply survey vessel / work vessel / drilling rig / equipment and personnel:

  • Provision of Marine 2D or 3D Seismic Data Acquisition Services
  • Provision of Ocean Bottom Seismic Survey
  • Provision of Geophysical Services Site Survey and Positioning Services
  • Provision of Well Testing Services and Wireline Services
  • Provision of Mug Logging Services
  • Provision of Down Hole Services
  • Provision of Meteorological and Oceanographic Services
  • Provision of Well Pumping and Coil Tubing Services
  • Provision of Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT) / Eddy Current Testing / Ultrasonic Testing
  • Provision of Drilling Waste Management and Services
  • Provision of Jack Up Rig, Drill Ship, Semisubmersibles Rig
  • Provision of consultancy, technical, commercial and project management support services

We also support vessel operators who provide the following marine supporting services to oil and gas companies:

  • Provision of Seismic Support Vessel
  • Provision of Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel / Platform Supply Vessel
  • Provision of Offshore Accommodation Work Vessel
  • Provision of Chase Vessel / Fast Crew Boat

Recent Projects